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Simple To Use And Edit:

Step 1: Choose a Video Template

Step 2: Click The Buy Button, It Takes You To The Editing Page

Step 3: Edit The Wording, 5 Sentences in Total

Step 4: You Have The Option To Add Your Own Pictures, 5 In Total

Step 5: Option To Choose Another Soundtrack Or Keep The Original

Step 6: Pay For It And It`s Yours To Do Whatever With

Every Video Template Has A Different Special Effect Transition.

This Is Totally New And You Will Not Find These Kinds of Video Transition Special Effects Anywhere Else.

Use it on Social Media - Attention Grabbing (Amaze People With Eye Dropping Videos That Are Sure To Captivate Your Audience)

Use it to Promote Your Business or a Product

Create Videos and Sell to Companies

What`s amazing about this new video technology is that you can edit the wording and pictures while keeping each individual videos theme transitions in tact.

BUILT-IN scripts shows you how to write great headlines.

Forget hiring expensive designers or copywriters. 

No experience needed thanks to this fully automated platform. You can pretty much advertise anything using these templates. 

The advantage to this is speed and ease of use. This is Very flexible, concise and straight to the point. 

You can have a slick attention-grabbing video ready to be deployed in less than 5 minutes. If you do Facebook video ads this is the perfect tool. It`s multiple, top converting ad templates drive you tons of leads, sales & profits. 

Customize any template for your campaigns in under 2 Minutes without having to hire expensive out-sourcer`s, or video creation services and pay them huge costs for ads that don’t convert, or videos that you did`nt have control over to make exactly how you wanted them. 

You don`t need any video creation, design or copy-writing experience to edit the videos. Just follow the 5 simple steps we outlined and your good to go. Over 80 Video Templates to choose from and we will be adding new transition special effects videos on a regular basis.

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Shape Transition Zoom in&out
Computer Terminal
Smashed Glass
MultiColoured Squares
Shape Transition
Minimal Corporate
Image Slide
Change Scale
Minimal Shape Transition
Teleport Transition
Camera Transition
Zoomed Filters
Text Swipe
Spotlight Swipe
T-Shirt Promo
Corporate 2
Minimal 1
Corporate 1
Random Shapes
Multi-Colored Stacked Shapes
Cinematic with Stars (With Images)
Colour Splash V2
Animated Text Box's
Paint Swipes
Restaurant Template
MP3 Player With Images
MP3 Player Promo
USB Promo With Images
USB Promo
CD Promo
CD Promo With Images
Software Box With Images
Software Promo
Email With Background Images
E-Commerce Chalkboard
Handwriting - 2 Lines
Whiteboard - 2 Lines
Chalkboard - 2 Lines
Simple eCom Dark
eCom Light
Search Engine
Book Promo With Background
Book Promo
DVD Promo
Slide In Dark
PDF/tripwire Light
Slide In Light
DVD Promo With Background
E-Commerce Whiteboard
Flashing Background With Images
Flashing Background Colors
PDF/Tripwire Dark
Dramatic With Images
App Development Agency
Webinar With Background
Web Agency
Lens Flare Dark
Music Store
Sticky Notes
Computer Terminal
eCom Dark
Simple eCom
Dentist 2 - Woman
Dentist 2 - Man
Dentist 1 - Chair Start
Dentist 1 - Building Start

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